Today in 1991 a baby was born in Troy, New York. With his blonde hair, lovely, pure face and nice black eyes, he was a very cute baby..He was the youngest member of Dogan family and ... was the source of happiness and joy of the family.They called him as 'Furkan' meaning 'distinguishing reality from superstition'.As he was born there, he was an US citizen.

He was two when his family had gone back to live in their hometown of Kayseri, Turkey. Furkan completed his education in Kayseri.He was a very smart and hardworking student... He was loved and respected by all his friends..

He had always a smiling on his lovely face..He would care his clothing and tideness. He was a very generous teen.He would love participating in charity organisations... Last time, he and other voluteer student in his school gathered considerable amount of money for Gaza...He would spend his pocket money for charity organisations.

Furkan had a passion... To be a doctor... As he loved helping people, he wanted to be 'cure' for sufferers.In the exams he got a successful level.His dream of becoming a doctor would become true... But... But, there were some 'killers' in the Mediterranean Waters on May 31...They killed 'dreams, hopes of an idealistic young man, ruthlessly.


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